Vegan Wax Wrap Refresher Blocks
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Vegan Wax Wrap Refresher Block

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Whether you are looking to create your own wax wraps or just need to refresh an existing one, these vegan wax blocks are for you!

Each box of Rowen Stillwater vegan soy-free wrap formula contains three individual bars - each one is enough to infuse one large wrap (30x30cm each).

Can't I just use Soy Wax?

Great question! Rowen decided to sell their special Vegan Wax Wrap Formula after lots of requests asking how to make vegan wraps that actually cling. If you've tried it yourself you'll know that plain soy wax leaves you with a semi-waterproof cloth that doesn't stick or cling at all. It's very disappointing and not a lot of use.

This formula is vegan, plant based, soy-free, palm oil free and it makes wraps that cling without tainting your food. You get all the fun of the craft without the lengthy (and expensive!) trial and error.

    All you need to make the wraps is:

    • 100% cotton fabric (this is a must!)
    • An oven
    • Something to protect your hands
    • A baking tray
    • Something to protect the baking tray (baking parchment is ideal)

    Each box contains an instruction leaflet telling you exactly how to make / refresh your wax wraps.

    Size: 48g

    *Vegan Wax wraps sold separately

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