Kica Living - upcycled candle next to outer cardboard box - leopard design
Kica Living - upcycled candle next to outer cardboard box and plants - leopard design
Kica Living - upcycled candle - leopard design
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Upcycled Candle - Golden Orchid - Leopard

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Upcycled candle. The fragrance is a sweet, rich blend of lemon, amber, tonka and coconut.

This gorgeous upcycled candle is made from a recycled can and beautifully decorated by Kica Candles, based very close to Vida Eco Shop.

The candle itself is made from natural rapeseed and coconut wax and is scented with a tropical golden orchid scent. The upcycled candle holder is hand-decorated in a leopard print design and finished with a rustic tag. 

The recycled candle is made in a standard sized food can, meaning you get a generously sized and long-lasting candle. These make wonderful, unique eco-friendly gifts or a rustic styled, colourful addition for your own home. 


Best Bits:

  • Upcycled
  • Golden Orchid scent - sweet, rich lemon and coconut
  • Burn time - approx 60 hours
  • Pure, natural rapeseed and coconut wax
  • Vegan friendly
  • Paraben free
  • Handmade in the UK very close to Vida Eco Shop


Kica Living donate 2% of sales tTrees for Cities and Whale & Dolphin Conservation in equal proportion.

Plus for every £1 sold, we donate 1p to the Marine Conservation Society, so by buying this product, you are donating twice!


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