UpCircle Mint Green Safety Razor, box and 2 blades
UpCircle Mint Green Safety Razor in the box
UpCircle Mint Green Safety Razor - back of the box
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UpCircle Reusable Mint Green Chrome Razor + 2 Blades

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Did you know that over 2 billion disposable razors are thrown out every year? And that's in the US alone!

These disposable razors are generally not recyclable, so that's a whole lot of plastic heading to landfill or making it's way out into the environment where it will remain for around 1000 years (according to the Environmental Protection Agency). That's not even mentioning the plastic wrapping they come in.

Luckily swapping to a plastic free razor is a super easy swap you can make today. If you haven't used a safety razor before, you will be surprised at how easy to use they are and you'll love the close shave. I'm sure you'll wish you had made the swap sooner! 

These absolutely gorgeous mint green razors from UpCircle are the perfect plastic free, reusable razors to make your shaving routine more sustainable. You will end up saving a lot of money over the lifetime of the razor, as well as all the "disposable" razors you will be saving from the environment. 

Plus, they look amazing! I am basically jealous of anyone who doesn't already have a safety razor, as you get to have this beauty brightening up your bathroom!

Pair with one of our shaving soaps for an smoother shave.


Best Bits:

  • Unisex Reusable Chrome razor
  • Plastic free packaging - cardboard box
  • Made ethically and sustainably
  • Comes with 2 blades


Use, product Care and end of life:

To fit and change the blade, simply unscrew the top of the razor.

There is no need to apply pressure when shaving, use the weight of the razor to allow it to glide over your skin for a lovely, close shave.

To extend the life of the blades, dry well with a towel after use.

Once finished, you can collect a few blades in a tin for recycling. (Check with your local council on recycling policy.)

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