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Zero Waste Club razor blade disposal tin in cardboard box
Zero Waste Club stainless steel razor blade disposal tin
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Razor Blade Tin - Zero Waste Club

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So you've switched to a reusable safety razor, but what do you do with your blades?
This sleek, stainless steel razor blade tin is the perfect solution for safely disposing and recycling your double edge safety razor blades. You can collect and store up to 100 blades, so even if you changed the blade roughly once a week, it would last around two years!

Made from quality steel, it's 100% recyclable with the blades inside. Just tape the slit over once it's full. Check with your council if they will collect kerbside, or if you should take it to your local household recycling centre to be recycled once it's full.


Best Bits:

  • Made with quality steel to safely protect you from used blades
  • Easy and convenient
  • Each disposal case can easily store up to 100 blades
  • 100% recycled Kraft paper packaging
  • Made ethically and sustainably


Dimensions: W 64mm x H 64mm x D 45mm | Blade Slot: 2mm x 55mm

(Please note, there is a mistake on the packaging saying it can fit 300 blades. It actually fits 100 blades)

Message from the maker:

My name is Yibing Xi. I am 30 years old and have been working in our company for 6 years as a production manager. I think our company can give me a lot of opportunities to develop my abilities, and the salary is also very good. I live in a company dormitory, and my family lives in my hometown in Guangxi. For me, our company is my other home. I usually not only manage and care for employees, but also strictly control the production quality of the tin box. Hope our products can get your favourite.


Zero Waste Club ensure their workers have excellent working conditions and are paid way above the minimum wage. 

They are also certified BSCI (The Business Social Compliance Initiative).

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