Plastic-free Sponge 2 pack - Pink Floral
Plastic-free Sponge Reverse Side
Plastic-free Sponge 2 pack & Vegan Wax Wraps - Pink Floral
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Plastic-Free Sponge 2 pack - Pink Floral

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Conventional, disposable kitchen sponges are made from oil-based plastic. Here's an easy swap with these gorgeous plastic-free sponges from Rowen Stillwater. 

Made from 100% cotton and in a pack of two so you can use one and wash the other, they are perfect for eco-friendly cleaning and moving towards a zero waste home.

Couple with our Dish Washing Block for plastic-free washing up.

Looking after your sponge

Wring out after use and leave to dry. When ready for a wash, it goes in with your normal laundry and you can either air dry or tumble dry. 

*Wax Wraps sold separately 

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