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Lani Omega Glow serum with pipette lid
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Lani Omega Glow Serum

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Omega glow is a truly unique skin loving serum made with three of the rarest omega fatty acids in the plant kingdom.

Omega 3,5 and 7 support healthy cell membranes by helping skin retain moisture, maintain elasticity, balance oil production and protect against oxidative damage.

This sweet smelling elixir, made with strawberry, pomegranate and sacha inchi, absorbs quickly to leave you with a beautifully dewy, healthy looking complexion.

Choose with pipette lid, or if your topping up, you can choose the plastic free aluminium lid and reuse the pipette from your first bottle. You can also choose the aluminium lid and just use your fingers to apply.


To use:

Apply a few drops onto your cleansed face and neck. Pause for a moment, cup your hands and cover your nose and mouth, breathe in the sweet scents and relax before massaging the serum into your skin. The serum can be used daily or as desired and can be used under moisturiser for an extra boost of moisture.


Glow Serum Ingredients:


Lani means ‘heavenly’ in Hawaii, and the products live up to the name. The collection of natural, vegan, plastic-free, tropical-inspired skin and haircare, proves you can be conscious, cruelty-free & effective – without costing the earth. Beautifully formulated and scented with natural extracts and oils of Camellia, Jasmine, Kukui, Coconut, Ylang Ylang & Baobab, Lani brings a mood-brightening touch of the tropical to every beauty routine and bathroom. A favourite with leading conscious lifestyle influencers, the brand is made by hand in the UK and is 100% sustainably sourced and packaged in recyclable glass.


Lani regularly donates a percentage of profits to animal charities. Donations have so far been made to Animal Hope and Wellness, Sea Shepherd, Animal Aid Unlimited, Second Chance Animal Rescue, Brinsley Animal Rescue, Amicii Dog Rescue and Tower Hill Stables.

Throughout 2019 Lani donated 5% of profits to 11 different charities. 5% of profits for the month of November were donated to @hopefueldanimalsanctuary, a sanctuary in Essex that has been caring for sick, unwanted and mistreated animals since 1983.

5% of profits for the months of Jan, Feb and March 2020 were donated to Amicii Dog Rescue, a rescue shelter in Transylvania, Romania where over 200 dogs are being looked after by Dora and her team.

5% of profits for October, November and December will be donated to Slaughterhouse Survivors based in Harbin, North-East China. Aimee, Hailey and Emily started rescuing animals in 2016 .Their numbers quickly increased and the first 5 rescues quickly turned into over 400.

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