Georganics Natural Plastic-free Tooth soap
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Georganics Natural Tooth Soap - English Peppermint

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Georganics plastic-free toothsoap is 100% natural. Made entirely from non-toxic ingredients and flavoured with organic peppermint essential oil, this glycerine-free recipe allows teeth to absorb nutrients without coating them, promoting natural remineralising and tooth nourishment.

Simply wet your toothbrush and rub onto the soap in circular motions. Brush for two minutes, enjoy the naturally foaming toothsoap, and rinse well.

When I first swapped to natural dental products, I missed the foaming you get with chemical laden products. I have got used to it now and don't miss it. This tooth soap however, does naturally create a foam. If you miss the foaming sensation like I did, then this is a great option for you. 

  • Food grade
  • Organic
  • Naturally foaming formula with Peppermint oil
  • No Fluoride, SLS & Glycerin
  • Sustainable palm oil
  • Cardboard tube, cardboard box

Plastic-free Natural toothsoap Ingredients: Sodium Palmate*^, Sodium Palm Kernelate*^, Acqua^, Mentha Arvensis Oil*^, Menthol^ , Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid. *Organic, ^Natural.

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