FETCH IT Home compostable mini poo bags - cardboard box and bag
FETCH IT Home compostable  mini poo bags - cardboard box and a roll of bags
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FETCH IT Plastic Free Compostable Poo Bags - 80 mini bags

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I am pleased to say I now have cornstarch, home compostable poo bags in stock!

I'd searched for eco-friendly poo bags but while many said "biodegradable", they are made from plastic and will basically just break down into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic.  

FETCH·IT poo bags are made from GM free cornstarch, so no petrochemicals in sight, and they are certified home compostable. (Certified to the highest European standards EN 13432.)

These bags are extra strong and thick. They are really good quality so no mess on your hands and reduced risk of bacterial contamination. 

The mini FETCH·IT poo bags are perfect for smaller pooches like toy breeds. (Bag measures 7 x 10 inches.)

Plus, the lovely Kiki at FETCH·IT donates a portion of the sales from these bags to UK tree planting charity, Moor Trees.


Best Bits:

  • Plastic free - made from GM free cornstarch
  • Certified home compostable
  • They will degrade into natural biomass within weeks 
  • Thickest bags on the market (20 microns thick)
  • Super strong
  • Mini size for less waste- great for small breeds , 7 x 10 inches
  • Plastic free packaging - recyclable cardboard box
  • Portion of sales donated to Moor Trees


This box contains:

80 bags (4 rolls of 20 bags)

20 microns thick (thickest on the market)

7 x 10 inches


Home composting:

If your four legged friend is healthy and well, you can home compost their poo as long as it's not to use on vegetables or anything for human consumption. Hot composting is best for dog waste. 



FETCH·IT came into existence when founder, Kiki, realised the biodegradable bags she was using were not as eco-friendly as they claim, so she set about designing a plastic free poo bag made from cornstarch. As well as helping the environment through her products, Kiki also donates 1% of sales from all poo bags to different charities (and she plans to increase this as the business grows).

For the large ocean bags, she donates to the amazing Surfers Against Sewage, and for the mini bags she plants trees through another fab UK charity, Moor Trees.

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