Biodegradable wood pulp kitchen sponges - 2 pack
Biodegradable kitchen sponges in cardboard box
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Biodegradable Wood Pulp Sponges - 2 pack

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Did you know that most kitchen sponges are made from polyester and nylon? That means every time you use them to clean, they release micro-fibres into the water and out into the environment. 


These ergonomic, biodegradable and reusable kitchen sponges are a much more environmentally-friendly option for washing up and cleaning.


They are super absorbent, in fact, they hold up to 10 times their weight. As they are large, I cut mine in half so they last longer.


Best Bits:

  • 100% biodegradable - made from wood pulp (plant cellulose)
  • Absorbs up to 10 times their weight
  • Perfect for the kitchen and bathroom
  • 100% recycled Kraft paper packaging
  • Tree planted for every pack


 Pack of 2. Each sponge: 115 (l) x 65 (w) x 30 (h) mm


Message from the maker:

My name is Lixiang, I am 45 years old, I have been working with the company for 3 years.  I was born in Jiaxing Zhejiang Province. l have a cute daughter, I have been in cellulose towel and sponge business for more than 20 years. I hope you enjoy the quality of my work and the biodegradable kitchen products I made. And did you know all of the production scraps of the sponges and towels can be recycled into new sponges?



Zero Waste Club plant one tree for every pack sold.

Zero Waste Club ensure their workers have excellent working conditions and are paid way above the minimum wage. 

They are also certified BSCI (The Business Social Compliance Initiative).

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