Bamboo Cotton Buds x 200
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Bamboo Cotton Buds x 200

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We've all seen the poignant image by Justin Hofman, of the beautiful seahorse gripping a plastic cotton bud in its tail. 

Now you can be part of the solution by using biodegradable, bamboo cotton buds instead. You can compost them at home, or if they do make their way to landfill, at least you know they will eventually break down.

These bamboo cotton buds come in a compostable / recyclable cardboard box. And of course all of our packaging (and our supplier's packaging) is plastic free.


Bambaw support the Cook stove Project in Malawi. The project provides highly efficient ceramic stoves in order to reduce the huge consumption of biomass. So far they have more than halved the amount of biomass used preventing vast amounts of greenhouses gases being released.  

Additionally, to the significant environmental benefits of the project, it also helps the people of Malawi. Reducing the need for costly wood and charcoal helps the population to save much needed money to increase their livelihoods. 

In addition, Bambaw fund research projects with 5gyres and the Plastic Soup Foundation to fight plastic pollution.

Plus for every £1 sold, we donate 1p to the Marine Conservation Society, so by buying this product, you are supporting multiple charities!

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