Plastic-free heavy duty sponge - The Coffee Sponge
Plastic-free Sponge Reverse Side
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Plastic-free Sponge - The Coffee Sponge

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Conventional, disposable cleaning sponges are made from oil-based plastic. Here's an easy swap with this heavy duty plastic-free sponge from Rowen Stillwater. 

Handmade and upcycled from a coffee sack that has reached the end of its journey. The tough jute top is stitched to a canvas liner and pure cotton back before being filled with brushed cotton.

Use to tackle your kitchen, bathroom or any tough job you need it for. They are perfect for eco-friendly cleaning and moving towards a zero waste home.

Looking after your sponge

Wring out after use and leave to dry. When ready for a wash, it goes in with your normal laundry and you can either air dry or tumble dry. 

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