Coco husk washing up scraper
Plastic-free washing up, loofah, washing up brush and washing up soap
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Coco Washing Up Scraper

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Made from the outer husk of a coconut, this is the perfect plastic-free way to remove baked on food, and any tough to remove food when washing up.

Perfect for moving towards a zero waste home. Couple with our plastic-free washing up bar, loofahs and washing up brush (sold separately)


LoofCo products are inspired by cleaning methods that have been tried and tested over generations. Using this knowledge, they are skilfully created in Sri Lanka and Egypt. LoofCo ensures that their local farmers and production workers have a safe and inclusive workplace, are treated fairly with fair wages and benefits, such as medical insurance, higher than normal rates. No children are employed. LoofCo Products are Vegan. Some coconut producers use monkeys to aid with their harvest. LoofCo coconuts are not harvested in this way and are registered with the Vegan Society.

LoofCo farming practices are sustainable and to the highest environmental standards. Both coconut and Loofah are renewable raw materials that absorb CO2 when growing. Plus, the coconut fibres and husks used are left over from coconut food and oil production which would otherwise be wasted or burnt.

All elements of LoofCo products are 100% compostable and biodegradable, except the metal core of the brushes which is recyclable and the cardboard packaging is recyclable.

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