Heavy Duty UnSponge - Plastic free sponge
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Plastic-Free Heavy Duty Sponge

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Conventional, disposable kitchen sponges are made from oil-based plastic. Here's an easy swap with this heavy duty plastic-free sponge, the UnSponge Squeeze™ from Rowen Stillwater. 

This heavy duty sponge is made with a strong, linen blend top top for added scrubbing power and a strong canvas underlay for extra durability when you're tackling those tough pots and pans. The lightweight core is an innovate cellulose fibre made from wood pulp, flax and cotton. This core makes your sponges wring-able, quick drying and, most importantly, foaming.

They are completely biodegradable in the environment, so are perfect for eco-friendly cleaning and moving towards a zero waste home.

Couple with our Dish Washing Block for plastic-free washing up.

Looking after your UnSponge Squeeze™

Wring out after use and leave to dry. When ready for a wash, it goes in with your normal laundry and air dry. 



Each sponge is approximately 12cm x 8cm.

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