Paper Tape 24mm x 50m
Paper Tape 50mm x 50m
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Paper Tape

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Ditch the plastic sellotape for paper tape!

Paper packaging tape is the environmentally friendly way to package. It's suitable for sealing of cartons, boxes, envelopes or gifts and is great for recycling.

It's unbleached smooth kraft paper backing and natural, rubber based adhesive make it environmentally friendly.

The 50mm width is great for packing boxes. For presents and smaller items, cut in half length ways to make the roll last even longer.  

Or if you will mainly be using the paper tape for smaller items, you can choose the 24mm wide option.

Colour - Brown
Size - 50m x 50mm or 50m x 24mm


- Strong packing tape made from kraft paper
- Natural, rubber based adhesive
- Good sealing security
- Hand-tearable

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