Plastic-free deodorant - strong mint
Plastic-free deodorant - lavender and tea tree
Plastic-free deodorant - Grapefruit and lemon
Plastic-free deodorant - jasmine and rose
Plastic-free deodorant - lemon and rosemary
Plastic-free deodorant - Pure unscented
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Plastic Free Deodorant

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I have tried many natural deodorants and Earth Conscious is one of my absolute favourites.

The texture is lovely and creamy and it melts perfectly into the skin and the scents are subtle but delightful.

Made from high-quality, 100% natural ingredients with no nasties like aluminium, parabens, carcinogens or toxins. They are vegan and cruelty free.

The plastic free cardboard tubes are biodegradable or recyclable. 


Earth Conscious donate 10p from every tube to the Marine Conservation Society.

Plus for every £1 sold, we donate 1p to the Marine Conservation Society, so by buying this product, you are donating twice!

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