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We’ve put together 20 green gift ideas for the eco warriors in your life. Spread the word to friends, family and colleagues to help them be more environmentally friendly too with some of our favourite plastic free and natural products.


  1. Coffee flask

The perfect gift for coffee lovers. These gorgeous bamboo and stainless steel flasks will keep drinks hot for 3 hours and are totally leak-proof.

Blue and Gold Bamboo coffee flaskRetro design bamboo coffee flaskGreen leaves Bamboo coffee flask

  1. Collapsible coffee cup

Sticking with coffee, the amazing Pokito cup is the only collapsible cup made in the UK. It fits easily in your bag or pocket so it’s the most convenient way to enjoy zero waste coffee on the go. 10 Colours available.

Collapsible coffee cup - Marine blueCollapsible Coffee Cup - Blush pinkCollapsible Coffee Cup - GreenCollapsible Coffee Cup - Pink

  1. Wax wraps

Cling film is a huge environmental issue. These gorgeous wax wraps are the perfect answer! They look fantastic and come in a range of designs and sizes and come in Bees wax or Vegan varieties. Use for sandwiches, to cover leftovers or even to take your natural soaps/shampoo bars travelling.

Bees Wax Wraps - TulipsBees Wax Wraps - WhalesBees Wax Wraps - Mixed pack

  1. Soaps that look good enough to eat

These divine soaps look and smell good enough to eat. Hand-made with love in the UK using 100% natural ingredients, they are one of our best-sellers for a reason. Couple with a Safix scrub pad as a soap dish to absorb moisture and keep the soap dry between uses.

Natural, plastic free soap  Natural plastic free soap

  1. Doggie bag

Our four-legged friends are a huge part of the family and we have Christmas treats for them too. Choose from two types of 100% natural dog soap. We have paw wax and snout butter, great for colder weather. And we even have wrinkle relief to keep moisturised between folds of skin. Our pooches deserve pampering too!

Natural, plastic free snout butter  Natural plastic free wrinkle relief for dogs  Natural plastic free Paw Wax

  1. Cement bag

These unique upcycled cement bags are hand-made by a women’s co-operative in India, providing safe and fairly paid employment. They are great quality and look gorgeous. They make lovely and unusual presents.

Upcycled reusable shopping bag

  1. Lunch on the go

Ditch the disposables with these stylish bamboo lunchboxes. Team with this bamboo cutlery set, mine never leaves my bag. Perfect for traveling, camping, commuting, picnics and more. The kit contains a bamboo knife, fork, spoon, straw and straw cleaner. It’s lightweight and fits easily in your bag. These are perfect presents for those who eat on the go.

Bamboo lunchbox - cactus design  Bamboo cutlery set

  1. Plastic free dental care

Toothpaste tubes generally can’t be recycled, and most regular toothpastes contain chemicals like SLS and Triclosan. This Christmas, give the gift of 100% natural, food grade dental care with no plastic in sight. Choose from toothpaste, tooth soap and toothtabs, with or without fluoride, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget natural mouthwash, the tablets are great for on the go and the oil pulling mouthwash is incredibly effective.

Natural plastic free toothpaste - orange flavourNatural plastic free toothtabs - PeppermintNatural plastic free toothtabs with flourideNatural plastic free oil pulling mouthwash

  1. Shampoo, conditioner and hair ties

I can’t rave about Beauty Kubes enough. They are my favourite plastic free swap and even better than what I used to use before my plastic free journey began. Why not add these organic cotton hair ties in blonde or brunette to create a plastic free hair package.

Natural plastic free Beauty Kubes shampoo - normal to dry hair  Natural plastic free Beauty Kubes conditioner  Natural plastic free hair ties

  1. Shave kit

Choose from traditional brown or beautiful blue wooden safety razors. The shave kit includes 100% natural shaving soap, made in the UK. The combination of this plastic free razor and natural soap leaves skin silky smooth.

Plastic free Shaving kit              Plastic free safety razor

  1. Shaving brush and soap

Already using a safety razor, try this stunning, super soft shaving brush to increase the lather with the natural shaving soap and get the best shave yet.

Stylish shaving Brush

  1. Bamboo toothbrush and case

We love these toothbrushes because the bristles are mainly made of castor bean oil, a renewable vegetable oil. Whilst they still use some nylon, they are the most plastic free brushes I’ve found. To complete the gift, pair with this lovely bamboo travel case, perfect for travelling and on the go. If that wasn’t enough, another reason why I love Truthbrush is that they plant a tree for every order.

 Bamboo toothbrush - PinkBamboo toothbrush case

  1. Baby wipes and baby balm

These gorgeous, washable baby wipes are made in the UK by Vesta Living. We love them because they employ survivors of abuse, giving them safe employment. Team with award winning baby balm from Earth Conscious. 100% natural and plastic free.

Reusable, plastic free baby wipes - whale design    Natural, plastic free baby balmReusable, plastic free baby wipes - giraffe design

  1. Plastic Free Travel kit

Give the gift of plastic free travel toiletries. This handy tin of Moon Goo deodorant really works and is great for on the go. Save on liquids with Beauty Kubes Unisex 2-in-1 shampoo and bodywash. Chuck in toothtabs, either with or without fluoride to complete your travel friendly toiletries tin!

Natural, plastic free deodorant - Moon Goo  Natural, plastic free Beauty Kubes Shampoo and body wash Natural, plastic free toothpaste tablets

  1. Water bottle

Jerry bottles donate 100% of their profits to water projects in developing countries. Check the bottom of the bottle for the coordinates to see which village you have helped provide clean water and sanitation for.

Reusable water bottles - coral pink  Reusable water bottle - teal  Reusable water bottle - yellow

  1. Bamboo coffee cup

These gorgeous bamboo cups make fabulous gifts for the coffee lovers in your life. They are great for your morning drink and on the go to avoid disposable cups.

Reusable bamboo coffee cup - Good Morning designReusable bamboo coffee cup - Gingko design    Reusable bamboo coffee cup - Flamingo design

  1. Luxury moisturisers

These luxurious face and body creams are super moisturising without leaving the skin looking oily. They are 100% natural, organic and vegan, plus they smell delicious! They would make the perfect present.

Luxury, natural, plastic free body cream        Luxury, natural, plastic free face cream

  1. Heart loofah

Say I love you with this natural, heart shaped loofah. This plastic free alternative to shower puffs naturally exfoliates, cleans and refreshes skin.

Plastic free, natural heart shaped loofah

  1. Plastic free washing up

Give the gift of plastic free washing up! This washing up soap block is 100% natural and made in the UK. The coconut fibre washing up brush and natural loofah washing up pad get rid of stuck on food, they are two of our best sellers.


  1. Bag it up

Turtle Bags provide safe employment for people in Bangladesh. The bags are great quality and made from GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton. These shopping bags, along with produce and grocery bags are the perfect combo for heading to your local refill shop.

Reusable cotton shopping bag - blackReusable produce bagsReusable grocery bags


I hope you have found some inspiration. But if you're still not sure what to choose, but know you want to give an ethical gift, we also have gift cards available.  Choose from two designs available in multiples of £10 so your loved ones can decide for themselves.

Christmas gift card - traditional design                 Christmas gift card - turquoise snow flake design

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